[WIP] Project Preview - Comet landing

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a preview to a personal project I've been working on. I wanted to create a storyline course where all sorts of animation was controlled by a single slider, much like how you can view a movie by skimming the timeline back and forth. After some playing around, I managed to get the first "scene" completed.  The course is going to be about the Rosetta and Philae satellites travel through space and landing on the comet. Right now it just has the rocket tacking off. But along the way I plan to have some informational captions and maybe some interactive elements along that way that will move with the scenery. The bottom slider will have indicators that show various stages and dates of the journey. When I have this completed you will be able to see the entire journey by dragging the slider to the end.

Here is the link.

@Staff - I think this could be a good addition to the community and have a section for WIPs (work in progress) projects where members can show off some stuff they are working on. 

Comments are appreciated!

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