WMV Commercial

Got a client who would like us to use Storyline to create a piece of push learning. Essentially, a 15 minute commercial/demo for how to perform a particular task.

The challenge we face is the only way they can share it with their folks in a remote location is if the final file is in a .wmv format.

I'm at a bit of a loss for how to do this, never having faced this sort of thing before. Anyone have any ideas or tips?


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Natalia Mueller

Hey Sean

Did you already post this in the Product Support forum too? You will probably get an answer quicker in there. 

I think that as long as the commercial/demo just needs to be viewed and not be SCORM compliant to interface with an LMS, this shouldn't be too hard. If you already have a video editing tool a lot of them include conversion functions. If not, there are tons of free ones available online.  I'm not completely familiar with the various output forms of Storyline so one of those gurus will hopefully jump in and tell you what the best starting place is.