WordPress, Sensei e PowerPoint in flash - does it work?


Hello, everybody!

I'm newbie here and I have two questions because I'm not finding the answer on the internet (maybe I don't know some technical terms or something like that to search it right) =/  

I was looking for a LMS that works with Wordpress and a plugin for ecommerce when I found these options:


> WORDPRESS + WP courseware + Paid MemberShip pro 

But the point is:

I'm working with PowerPoint, looking for a way to convert it in flash without "ads" or a Command Menu under the page as Ispring does (because I already built the Command Menu on PowerPoint) and I don't know if Wordpress wItú these LMSs can support flash extensions. Does anybody know that?

I'd like to work with other tools but PowerPoint is so familiar and easy to use, and I have no money for the tools I'm finding, so I'm just trying to find the better way to convert .ppt classes to an extension that SENSEI, WP courseware or Learndash can works with.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Juliana, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums!

Perhaps you can consider downloading the free Studio 13 30-day trial and publishing your Powerpoint project using Articulate Presenter to SCORM (or Tin Can, depending on your requirements) which can then be uploaded to any LMS of your choosing. 

Hope this helps! :)