Workbook - Capturing free text entry

I have a requirement to take a paper based workbook, which is also in PDF, and convert this into an interactive mobile document which captures free text entry. It will need to be mobile and often offline, with the ability to synchronise input information when complete or part complete to the users online LMS account.

Any advice gratefully received.



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Catherine Whittaker

Thanks Steve,

I will look into the Tin Can API option and thank you, as I wasn't aware that SCORM wouldn't support oflline viewing ans synchronisation.

The LMS is currently in the pipeline and I have limited knowledge of this but I do know it isn't a Moodle base, if that helps?

thank you

Steve Flowers

One way we've addressed this issue in the past is to create the offline component by itself to support the learning process and produce a separate validation mechanism for the LMS. 

One recent project we created was a support tool for technicians. They wanted a confirmed measurement of knowledge and skills so we created a scenario driven test that allowed folks to use the support tool to work through the challenges. The benefit of offline tool use where / when the performer was while still giving the program the accountability they wanted seems to be working pretty well.

I wrote a little about this last year.

Catherine Whittaker

Hi Steve,

A very interesting read indeed, thank you.

I use scenario based learning as you have, and it works. There is however little movement on the workbook requirement, and whilst I can supply learning in its various forms, I must capture the individuals unique response back to the LMS, at some point. It would be fairly simple if it was a constant online environment but it is likely that individuals may have limited online access.