Working around the iPad's limitations

Hello Everyone,

I'm creating SCOs (consisting of annotated screen recordings with quizzes) for a CAD-based software application. I'm recording full-screen at 1440x900 (any smaller and the controls don't fit inside the application window) and setting my Story Size to the same dimensions. The Storyline Player is set to scale content to fill the browser window. This appears to give the best trade-off for user screen-sizes that will range from 1024x768 to 1920x1200.

While the large majority of users will study on CAD workstations or high-end laptops, we want to make the content available on mobile devices for shop-floor reference. I've run into a problem with the iPad, because the Safari Mobile browser does not support playback of slides containing screen recordings if the Story Size is larger than the iPad's XGA (1024x768) resolution. The problem appears isolated to Safari Mobile because the HTML5 output scales and plays-back correctly in the Chrome browser (according to Articulate support).

It looks like my options are:

  • Ignore the iPad
  • Design to the iPad's limitations and provide the majority of users with lower-quality output
  • Publish separate SCOs for iPad on the LMS

I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem and how they've solved it. I was hoping the SCORM zip file could be manually modified (hacked) to include different resolutions for Flash and HTML5, but support says that's not possible. I'm new to all of this, so it's entirely possible that I'm overlooking the obvious.



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Jenn Kong

I am running into a similar problem except it is with the iPad HD. The scorm file publishes the HTML5 format but it is too large for the Safari browser window. Without scrollbars, I cannot get to the "PREV", "NEXT" and "SUBMIT" buttons.

Would I need to just export the Story file at a lower resolution?