Working with large modules

Jul 29, 2015

Hi everyone

I am potentially looking at creating a module that contains 500+ slides.

Can anyone recommend the kind of spec I would need equipment wise? I work on a lenovo laptop (spec attached). Its fairly slow when I am converting video and using Articulate at the same time currently, so I imagine with a large Storyline file it will be at a stand still!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions....

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Suzanne. While I don't have a recommended equipment spec for you, I'm curious: will you be developing this module in Studio or Storyline? If you're working in Storyline, you may want to check out this previous discussion thread on best practices for dealing with large projects. There's some great advice in here—and possibly some insights that can help you narrow down your hardware choices.

In the meantime, I'm sure someone will chime in with their hardware advice. Equipment specs are always popular discussions in my experience!

Bob S

Hi Suzanne,

At light-speed estimates of 1 minute per slide, you are still talking about a single module that is about 9 hours long....    

Perhaps your requirements and learner's situations are truly unique, but best practice would most certainly suggest breaking that content into more manageable pieces. 

As pointed out above, your learners will thank you. And you will likely find the logistics of trying to maintain and keep  a 500 slide course up-to-date, orders of magnitude more difficult than imagined

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