Working with timelines and variables

I created a timeline and I want users to click on each  button to view more information  and only allow them forward when they have visited each aspect of the time line. I created a state to set the timeline to true if  all items are visited but now it blurs all the audio together which is on each slide. I need help.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Janel,

If you create a Continue button, this can initially be set to Hidden or Disabled until the states of all of your other buttons are Visited.

As the Visited state is a built-in state in Storyline, you won't need any variables and will only require one trigger to change the state of your Continue button. The only other trigger you will need is one to do whatever you wish to do when the Continue button is clicked.


Ulises Musseb

I echo Ned Whiteley's approach. I use the Next button instead of inserting a Continue button. I make two triggers based on the other objects states. The Next button moves on to the next slide if all other objects are in visited states.

The Next button triggers a hidden message (stating that you must click on all other buttons before continuing) if there is any button that is not visited.

If I want people to see things in a given order, all buttons are in disabled state, and they get change to normal state only when the user clicks the correct button. That forces the user to click on the buttons in the desired order.

Attached is a file containing the buttons, using only states without variables.