Would Like Some Feedback on My First E-Learning Course (80% completed)

Hi guys, I have a job interview next week which involves creating E-Learning courses. I'm fairly new to this and have got to grips with nearly everything Articulate Storyline 2 has to offer. However, I'm not sure if I'm just being harsh on my work or not but other E-Learning courses I've seen look a lot better. I was wondering if anybody could give me feedback on my first course? Maybe design and presentation tips or things to cut out or things to add. Anything will work. Be harsh too if need be, I don't mind :)

 I also have a scene on Chords in this which does not seem to publish properly. Even in preview it does not show in the side menu. It has also published in a jumbled order. Slides are in scenes they aren't meant to be and in different order. Any fixes?


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Denize Rodricks

Well, your course is very well-designed and carefully put together. I wouldn't have guessed it was your first course, if you hadn't mentioned it. Two suggestions:

1. Change the content in the 'Overview' slide to a list of learning objectives with action verbs (After completing this course you will be able to...read guitar tablature, play power chords..tune your guitar etc.)

2. In the 'Guitar Parts' slide, link the text 'pickups' in the 'Fretboard' content to the relevant content in 'Main Body'. A learner going through the course step-by-step, would not understand what 'pickups' were until they reached the slides in 'Main Body'. 

Good luck on that job interview! Don't worry too much :)

Jordan Defty


Thanks for the great feedback! I take both your comments on board and will execute them in the next version of my course! :)


Again, thanks for the great feedback. I agree with it being text box heavy. I may consider a voice over or simply removing some text boxes and condensing the information. 

Thank you both for the support towards my interview. I'll update this post to let you guys know how it went!

Rachel Barnum

As a graphical suggestion, maybe keep the text boxes "flat" - right now they look like buttons due to the gradient on them (especially since your buttons look the same too). 

You also don't need to box in all of your text. For example, the "Notes on the Guitar" page is super duper text heavy, and putting the text into the colored boxes make it even more busy. 

If I click "Try Again" on your quiz, it doesn't actually let me try again :) 

I would avoid white text on yellow (or light colored) backgrounds as a general rule of thumb. 

The interactions are really cool! 

Jordan Defty

Hi Rachel, thanks for the feedback!

I take all of your comments on board and will implement your suggestions. About the try again thing... I have no idea how to fix that. I've got it to jump to that same slide again after I click Try Again but it won't reset the slide so there has not been an answer. About the white text on yellow, I've just previewed my slide and I totally agree. Gonna change the text to black. Thanks!

Allison LaMotte

Nice work Jordan! I love how you can click on the different notes and hear what they sound like.

I really like the simplicity of your title slide, and I think it would tie the whole course together nicely if you applied it to the rest of the slides.

Screenshot title slide

For example, on the slide below, you could take out the blue fill, and add a white divider line between the title and the content.

Screenshot second slide

Then, to differentiate between title text and content text, you could use a bigger font size for the title or put it in bold.

Hope that helps! Good luck on your interview.



Kristine Cariello

Hey Jordan,

As a music teacher and musician I am glad to see, from your original link, that you updated the order of the information. Tuning your guitar should definitely come before learning about playing a chord :) otherwise what's the point! It will be out of tune.

I would definitely suggest some narration and you could, eventually, take each one of those learning objectives and build a separate course around each so as to chunk the information into digestible bites. Easier for a learner to grasp and gain a sense of completion with mini-courses.

Overall, I would recommend correcting some of the language throughout the entire course.  For example, I noticed on the Musical Notes slide that your thoughts are not conveyed clearly and you introduce accidentals (trailing symbols?)  and do not explain it well.  Also, enharmonics- might be too much information to give the learner. This could perhaps be said later on in the course?  Sorry to be picky- I know this content very well (I can be your SME!).

I like the Strings page and interactive guitar! Very nice.  The Tuner button still allows me to see a shadow of the previous text underneath.  Visually the blue boxes are a bit harsh to the eye, what about a gray with the white writing?

On the interactive Guitar page try inserting an arrow on a timeline to enter in and show the learner the location you are describing in the"For example"  text box. For people that do not know what they are looking at, this page could be VERY overwhelming. Kudos to finding sound-files for all those notes!

The quiz needs to be reworked. Question 4 wasn't even mentioned in your content.

LOVE THE interactive tablature that celebrates with Green Day! Very cool!

Alright I won't go any further in the course..... I think this will land you some work- nicely done. If you need an SME I would be happy to help.