You can now host web content on Google Drive

[Update: Sadly Google dropped this capability in 2016]


This was announced today:

Host webpages on Google Drive

I did some testing to see if I could upload Articulate files, and it worked! So now, (like you could do with Dropbox) if you want to test your content, or put it up temporarily for a client, etc... you can use Google Drive!

I wanted to see if it would work with swf files, so I uploaded some simple content, and was pleasantly surprised to see it worked (this is a simple quizmaker example):

Also see this article:

At first I thought it might be limited to html, css, and js files, but uploading swf, xml, and image files worked as well!

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Simon Perkins

It's a pretty good piece of kit for hosting demos etc.  Not sure how user-friendly it is for something more commercial or L&D-centric.  The only really flaw I've found is that invitations (to courses) sometimes expire randomly - anything from seconds to weeks after you're created them.  Other than that, the delivery aspect, e.g. to the reviewer, is very solid.

Mike Taylor

Hi Natalia! Yes Google Drive is like Dropbox  where you upload the entire output. The difference is that you rename the story.html file to index.html and getting the URL for the link isn't quite as easy..but not too bad.

I've posted the steps here