You tube best practices

I am in the risk management and safety training space and find a tremendous amount of great content on YouTube that I can incorporate into my Articulate files. I have a few basic questions and would appreciate some feedback:

I just found a blog about permissive use so I scratched that question. Here are two more:

  1. What is the best practice for getting rid of annoying ads. I looked at which does a pretty good job but poses other issues like their banner ad.
  2. From a streaming standpoint is it better to use YouTube link or download YouTube and insert mp4 file

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Mary Anne Lynch


Viewpure is the only service I know of. You could download the videos and that'd zap the ads, but in regard to your second question, unless you're running a streaming service on your web server, your users will have to progressively download the videos in order to see them. (If YouTube is good for anything, it's good for video streaming.)

When I include videos in my courses, I embed them (making sure to uncheck the part about showing related videos afterward) and don't worry too much about the ads, which can (usually) be skipped. Telling users it's a YouTube video up front will make them aware that there could be ads that they can skip over.

But copyright issues aside, downloading them and then serving them yourself would get rid of them.

Mary Anne