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A while back I saw a couple post of people sharing their work-spaces.  I thought it was super helpful, especially for a newbie to the field.  To expand on the idea I'd love to hear about everyone design process for creating awesome e-learning projects.  How do you kick-off your projects?  Do you storyboard, gather assets, mind-map, etc.? 

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Nicole Legault

Hello there Chris! Thanks for posting your awesome question here in the forums. This reminded me of an article I wrote awhile back about My Basic E-Learning Workflow and Design Process. So you might find some juicy or helpful tidbits in the article. But to answer your question specifically....


  • Powerful Asus laptop, Asus monitor, Samson CU10 Microphone. 
  • I shared a pic of my home office in the recent "How I Get Things Done" article that I contributed to.


  • I use Storyline for both storyboarding and development. I have that luxury because I usually design and develop my projects, and it saves me a lot of time by letting me build the storyboard/prototype directly in Storyline so when its ready for development I can just do a Save As of the .story file and start making the content look pretty. 


  • I build a pretty detailed storyboard with some navigation and interactivity built out (some would say that makes it more of a prototype than a storyboard) because I like to get a good sense of the click-path flow while I'm doing the storyboard. Once the SB is approved, as mentioned, I can simply duplicate it and work directly in that file to develop my content further. It's a good process for a one-person team! :)

Hope this helps a bit... can't wait to see what others have to share!


Chris Chagnon

Thanks Nicole. I've read most of your articles and they are super
helpful. It was actually your "How I Get Things Done" that got me thinking
to create this post. I wanted to hear from more of the community. I like
the idea of saving time by building the storyboard in Storyline or
prototype. Do you have any examples to share?

Nicole Legault

Thanks Chris! 

I actually don't currently have any examples of a storyboard created right in Storyline (at least not that I can share right now) and I was thinking about that just yesterday in fact, and how I'd like to create one to share with the community so people can see how it looks. Great minds think alike?

When it comes to the forms in the Downloads section, that's also another area where I could definitely create some new downloads. Also adding that to my to-do list! Thanks for the ideas Chris. Those are good ones...

In the meantime, started this forum discussion in hopes of people sharing some templates or sample documents for project management. Hope this helps! :)