Your Name in Star Wars Aurebesh - a challenge in interaction design

The challenge was initiated by Weekly Elearning Challenge #100 - Awaken Your Elearning Force

The challenge in interaction design is not only the interaction itself, but all those little nuances and considerations to ensure a seamless user experience.

Your Name in Aurebseh DEMO

Read the write-up:  The stats, inspiration, scope, self-placed requirements, and the challenge of pushing Storyline to a limit I am yet unable to break! One slide - 970 triggers.

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Kevin Thorn

Thanks again Phil. There's definitely a simpler more efficient way to build this (looking back after the fact), by spreading the load across multiple slides and layers.

Curiosity got the best of me wondering "how many triggers can one slide really handle?" Storyline didn't break or crash, but performance other than desktop is sluggish. 

Phil Mayor

I never got it to break on triggers got up to 1000+, the only time I ever did this was layers went for 240 with youtube embeds but it broke at 170ish.and refused to create a new layer this was SL1 and I have never found a need to test again.

I am impressed with this would loved to have been able and copy and paste it off somehow or to get it emailed to me