Your proffesional feedback is highly appreciated

Hello to the amazing eLearning Heroes community. I was wondering if this would be the right place to ask for some feedback from professional eLearning experts as your selves.
I have created a short exercise about resistors in series and parallel for grade 9 students. I would love to hear your opinion about it.


Resistors excercise


 Please click on the image above (HTML5 version) or the link: (Flash version) 

Thank you for your time and constructive feedback.


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Michael Hinze

FYI, the link (HTML5 version) only shows a blank screen for me. The Flash version ( works. I would turn the current textentry boxes in to data entry boxes, so that only numeric values are allowed. I don't know if that's by design, by allowing for neagtive points might be discouraging for some learners. There were only a few inconsistencies with punctuation and a couple of typos.

Rambo Levin

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for the brilliant feedback, this is exactly what I was hopping to get.
I have followed your comments and repaired my faults:
* textentry boxes changed to numeric input only (excellent point).
* Negative points are not allowed,  totally agree that it's discouraging. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
* About punctuation and typos - I hope I cleared it properly...

* About the links - The image connects to the HTML5 version, the text link connects to the Flash version. The Flash version might need to be approved by the browser (depends on your security settings).  I tried both versions and they worked.

Michael,  your feedback is priceless for me, many thanks.
You are my eLearning Hero !
Best wishes



Bob S

Hi Rambo, nice little interaction. Couple of things you may wish to consider...

Consistency -  Right side circuit is the only one to offer multiple choice answers

Consistency - The formulae is offered different ways for different sections (sometimes through a rollover , sometimes on the chalkboard. Might consider something like making them all available the same way, for example replace one of the chairs with a low bookshelf and whenever you click the books the formulae is provided.

Humor - Personally this one is a bit "iffy" and may offend some folks in different cultures. That being said,  if her reason for wanting to learn this stuff is just to date an engineer, then consider inserting a response between his question announcement and the sushi....   After he says he has a question, have her respond with something like "Oh, thanks to a friend I'm ready to answer your question" , THEN have him say Sushi.  Can even have a final shot of her turning to the camera and shrugging or laughing at herself.  (hope that makes sense)

Well conceived overall. Thanks for sharing.


Rambo Levin

Thank you Bob, these are excellent points.
Love the idea to use books as help provider.
Regarding the multiple choice questions and formula; at first I saw it as diversity rather than inconsistency, but I guess consistency could be more effective.
Brilliant scene idea with camera close up and thanking the "friend", love it.

Very useful feedback Bob, thank you so much.
May the force be with you