Zooming in and out an object with buttons/triggers

Dear All

I am building a slide whereby I need functionality for the objects to be zoom in and zoom out through clicking. (The .story file is attached)

I have created different states of the object, where it can be changed to one state but I want it to change to another state when the button is clicked again

Kindly suggest, if possible.




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Tom Kuhlmann

I'm on the road so I can't look at your file, however here are a few tips

  • If you want to use states, create a selected state for the object you want zoomed. Then in the selected state add the zoomed image. If you click it goes to selected and if you click again it goes back.
  • Some people add a second duplicate slide. Click the object, it jumps to the duplicate slide and zooms in using zoom region. Then pause the timeline with a trigger. Create a way to resume timeline (button) and the zoom goes back to normal. And create a trigger to jump back to the slide when the timeline ends.

This template is build that way. 


asad ali

Thank you @Tom Kuhlmann Sir!

In actual, i am making a "build a city" game using Storyline.

I want the selected objected to be zoomed in/out triggered through the added buttons (as in the attached file) keeping in mind that they(objects) will also be dragged and dropped anywhere on the slide.

The first option works but what if I have multiple zoomed states. How can they be triggered through one button only? (i.e Z1state ( if clicked once), Z2state (on next click), Z3state on Next click and so on)

M big fan of yours Sir and honored to have your reply.

God Bless You!