A Better SDK?

I recently tried the Articulate SDK, and I instantly fell in love with it  
It is great

I noticed however, that there were a great many number of things I didn't see in the SDK

For example, in the sample presentation, included in the SDK, it uses a cooler, more dynamic, loading bar (stealthray swf)
I was unable to find that anywhere

I also was wondering if there was an SDK for the presenter itself to work on so I can customize playershell swf

If anyone can help me get the fla files of these, that would be great!



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Christopher Davis

Massive Edit: Alright, so in the SDK, I couldn't find the API_Tester fla in the zip

I found stuff on this website, but I was wondering if there was a skin that looked like the current articulate one so I could edit that

If anyone can help me find something like that, let me know!