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Good day to all,

I am new to Storyline but have experience in developing and design. My company is all about training and using storyline but are asking for tools I do not see in storyline player. I'm starting to dig into the SDK for storyline and wanted to ask for advise if any tutorials or How-To's are available. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I have been successful in creating fun templates on the front end but now I'm looking to dig into the development side of things.

Thank you for any and all help.


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Mark Ramsey

I've done a little work in this area. The SDK will only work with Flash-based builds - it doesn't touch the HTML5 side. There are a lot of managers in the Actionscript files - don't recognize the framework - but if you want to directly dig in, you need to edit the file, compile it, and copy the frame.swf file into the story_content folder of your build. Look at a couple of my posts in this section for more. Good Luck!

Vince Hernandez

Thank you Steve for the follow up and I've been working on auto detecting browser by the end user. If an incompatible browser is detected a prompt is displayed for the end user advising an upgrade. If a compatible browser is used the end user never sees a prompt just continues without noticing anything in their deployment.  

Mark Ramsey

If you really want to dig into the layout control in, you need to look at the UpdateControls() function. Most of the player objects are either referenced, controlled or both in this function. Any new object (like a collapsible pane) added the to player would need to be dynamically added to the file. It would have to be a class extending the MovieClip or Sprite class, with a button in the header that could toggle open or closed the whole thing, There are probably classes like this out in the wilds of the Inter-nets that you could capture and tame.


Julie Stelter


I hope someone can help me understand my question about customized players. My client wants a customized seekbar among other things and they want the course to be viewable on an iPad. I understand that customized players only play with flash and not html5. But I also know that Storyline publishes to flash and then wraps an html5 coding around it so it'll work on mobile. So why can't the customized players be wrapped in html5? Is my logic incorrect? What am I missing. Thanks for your help!



Matthew Paquette

Storyline does not simply wrap flash content in html5. It compresses all images and animation into a canvas object. Several controls such as seek bars, scroll panes, and input text, function slightly differently in HTML5 than in flash as they use web components as opposed to flash components. So a flash seekbar can be created in flash and dropped into the custom player, but to customize an HTML5 seekbar you would likely need to use CSS, not sure if it can be done or not as I haven't looked into using custom CSS on storyline courses, but it might be possible.