Any old school asp/vbscript programmers hanging out here?

Well, a totally off the wall question for the forums here (but heck, it's FRIDAY), but was wondering if there are any old school asp/vbscript programmers hanging out, because I need some code help

I'm working on a web page that needs to pull some info from my LMS database (course descriptions, etc ) and some of the data in the database has HTML formatting that has been applied, and I would like to render the HTML on the page (font color, font weight, emphasis, bulleted lists, etc )

Can't figure it out though - trying to use server HTMLencode and HTMLencode but haven't gotten the results I would like

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Steve Flowers

I misread your query Will have to think about it for a few An ASP page is usually served up / returned as text / html by default  

It sounds like you have some tags pulling into the page They should be displaying What does the returned HTML look like? Does it return valid html structure?

Brian Allen

Steve, thanks for the reply!

Right now I'm using this code -

 The ActivityDesc database field contains data where some of the LMS admins format data using simple HTML coding, and I would like this formatting to also work on the page I'm building

Currently when my page loads the data it is ignorning any HTML code at all   I thought it would display all of the HTML coding and not render it, but it seems to be completely ignoring it

Brian Allen

Ok, your last response prompted me to go back to the database to make sure I was pulling the correct field   turns out SumTotal stores the activity description in two different fields - one without formatting tags (ActivityDesc) and another with formatting tags (ActivityDescFmt)   I was using the field without the formatting tags  

Anyways, Steve, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help and it was your response that helped me figure it out   I didn't think I had my coding wrong but just couldn't figure it out

Did somebody say it was Friday??