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I have a custom skin that I'm using the SDK to build, and I've created a play/pause button, which simply call play() and pause() respectively within the API and toggle visibility status

For some reason, occasionally, when clicking multiple times, artAPI play() seems to be causing the player to jump to the next slide, when there are several frames remaining in the flash animation   It does occur most frequently when the animation is on a frame with a stop() action, but again, there are hundreds of frames after that stop() action, so I'm a bit perplexed

Any feedback, or trouble-shooting ideas would be greatly appreciated



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Nick Shelton

Thanks for post James!

I was able to remedy, the issue was in the presentation xml file   I had the user re-import the swf with the appropriate settings in articulate, republish, and then send the files back to me, and yet again the problem persisted; Even with what seemed to be the proper flash settings

So, anyone else who might read this in the future, if your play button takes you to the next slide: (and you don't want it to)

  • open your presentation xml file and search for the name of your on-screen swf for the slide that is causing the issue
  • you'll notice your "myswf swf" is within a "filename" node, which has sibling nodes "containerType" and "timelinecommand"
  • check the value of these 2 nodes against the same nodes (i recommend doing a search in your text editor) other slides/pages that have the right functionality, are they different?
  • if they are, change "containerType" to movieloader and "timelinecommand" to articulate   (this is likely what your other slides that are working are set to)

It appears, that if they are set to

I'm not horribly familiar with Articulate, but I don't recall either setting when importing a swf into the project, nor in the Visual Basic menu you get when right clicking the flash object in Articulate and going to properties   So if anyone knows what might trigger a flash object to have modified containerType or timelinecommand values in the presentation xml file, please share

Hope that saves someone the 2 hours of troubleshooting I had to do