Articulate Custom Skin Load Issue


I'm pretty new to Articulate and the Articulate SDK, and am occasionally having an issue when loading an Articulate course with a custom skin   It sees that on first load of the course, the skin is not loading/showing, and the course shows as it would with the publish settings, just without the skin overlay

My thought, is the skin is not downloaded quickly enough, and thus is not ready during an "initialization" event in which case it isn't loaded on top of the course properly   When the page is refreshed, the skin shows up, the thought being, it has been loaded into cache and thus is available for the initialize event upon subsequent loads of the page

I feel like I've read about this or watched a screencast before, but can't for the life of me remember where or find it again   Is there a way to force Artiuclate to wait for the custom skin to download before proceeding in initializing the course?

Thanks for any, and all of your help!!

First Load:

Second Load:


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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

I am not sure how you have your files set up we actually use 3 files for our skins

ast_remote swf is what Articulate looks for and we use it really just to load our other two files One is graphics the other is code

Articulate waits for ast_remote to report IsLoaded == true

We have set ours up to be false until all our graphics (in other swf) are loaded

Nice looking Skin BTW

Nick Shelton

Thanks again for the help/tip James! 

What I wound up doing, should someone venture here in the future, was precicely what James had pointed out   I basically turned my ast_remote swf into a preloader for my skin (we were using custom buttons) and once the the skin was loaded, I updated a variable I created to be true, and I returned that value from the isLoaded function  

REMEMBER to set your communityPlayer node to true in your playerproperties XML file, otherwise your course won't wait for this

This link offers an ast_remote swf that you can download that should work fine for your project, of course I found it after I troubleshooted my own :

http://www mozealous com/how-i-created-a-custom-articulate-presenter-skin-in-less-than-an-hour-2/