Articulate Mobile App

Is there a way to cut n paste a URL into the App or the App library?  I am trying to open a Storyline course from a URL (like the message says "Tap a course link from an email..." but this functionality does not work on a secure device.  The emailed link does open in a browser but since iOS isn't swf compatible I have to use html5 which has it's own issues.  

If there was a way to paste a url into the app or have the function to file open... that would go along way in solving the issue I'm running into and provide better course performance.  (If this isn't possible, could this functionality be added?)

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Paul Zamora

Unfortunately, I am using a secure device (email and browser.) I tried every iteration I could think of and that is offered via the publish settings including HTML5, with every trial App and downloading offline enabled. My secure mail browser blocks access to the device apps and has it's own secure browser.

I did find an internal process work around but it isn't as efficient or could be if the Articulate Player App would allow for cut and paste the launch url.  I also was able to successfully launch secure content via a 3rd party vendor as well,  and not have to use that app at all.  So with that ability,  I nor my mobile audience needs the app anymore.  Thanks for the replies.