Articulate Presenter 2013 (player) SDk/API

Is the SDK/API available for Presenter 2013 (player)?
We want to dynamically load the colors and logo for both flash and html5
With the new 2013 version the files have random names
In the old days with studio '09 we replaced the following files with htaccess like functions in C#/ASP:
data\logopanel swf
player\playerproperties xml
player html (to replace background-color
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Geert de Graaf

I got multiple costumers using the same articulate presenter output but with a different colors and logo If we can somehow override the logo and colors being showed in the flash would be great

We have this working in the HTML5 version, it's easy to change the dom elements

But in the flash version it's not that easy

A option for us could be to change the url(with post) used to load the frame xml to a url to our LMS Our LMS decides on the added post parameter the xml to load and changes the color and log elements in the xml and sends back the xml

A second option would be to load an xml with elements to override

A third option would be a javascript that gives new parameters to the flash file

A fourth option can be to make a custom frame/player with added code (but i cannot find access to the xml loader)

TLR: one exported articulate presentation (html5 and flash), change colors and logo client side or (override on server) request server side frames xml

Geert de Graaf

Our problem comes from our storage solution The files are stored on an Azure blob, which serves static content We can serve dynamic content from other locations, but not the same location as our presentation files are stored at

What we'd like to do is either pass the location of the frame xml via the flashvars inside the player html, or alternatively to somehow be able to override the default_layout in the frame xml