Assessing User Requirements and generating a report.

This might be a big ask.  I want to do a 10 question assessment which gathers information on user requirements and provides additional equipment where necessary. 

Users select one answer from the options provided for them.

Depending on their answer, they are given appropriate feedback.

There is no right or wrong answer but some answers may involve an action on the part of their line manager or quality manager.

Is there any way to mark an answer as actionable and produce a report designed to inform the manager what equipment each user needs?  


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Pam Pappenheim

Hi James,

Apologies for not replying, I have only just completed the assessment which has now turned into 74 questions although only 20 of them need to be reported on!  A Google spreadsheet sounds like a good idea.  I have used the "pick one" and "short answer" slides for the assessment.  I don't know where to go from here.  Would you have any suggestions?

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

The details really depend on which version of SL you are using and a few other factors. Generally speaking what you need to do is:

  • Search the SL JavaScript to find where SL posts interactions (questions) 
  • Add some custom JS to that function that will send the data via AJAX to your spreadsheet. 
  • Add some custom Google Apps Script to your spreadsheet that will accept the data and insert a new row.