Back button to return to the last visited slide

Greetings folks,

I've got a custom skin for a non-linear Articulate project, which uses a lot of in-slide navigation for the user to get around; so far the only navigation buttons on the skin are one "home" button, and a pop-up menu

I would like to add a "back" button, that returns the user to the slide that they just came from Does anyone know how I might go about this?



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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Do you already have some code running to detect when the slide changes? If so you can add the new code to it I don't have any code handy but here is a bit of pseudo code to get you started  

var lastSlide

var thisSlide

var currentSlide


thisSlide = ARTAPI GetCurrentSlide()

if(thisSlide != currentSlide){

lastSlide = currentSlide

currentSlide = thisSlide




ARTAPI GoToSlide(lastSlide)