can i get some advices about my "e-learning" master degree thesis?

hi i'm new to this forum and i'm doing my master degree thesis about "e-learning " as well.My idea is to develop an e-learning system based in the first place on "learner-personality" (shy/lonely,confident,desorder...) and that's to help learners in building their personalities based on some activities and design we add and that's by making a profile that the learner has to fill which contains: type of personality (i already said what for),media preference(since i believe that the learner should choose the media that fits him and that's make lessons look easier for him),country(depending on the number of learners from each country we canorganize every month some real events like conferences to make some social activities), ...,anyway based on that profile the system must auto redirect the learner to the session where he can fit in.
that's in general my idea and i still didnt choose yet learning style that i will have to follow since i'm studying the most known styles.

So i just want ur feedbacks about my idea and if is it that good to be a master thesis. thx in advance for ur time

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Joe Deegan

Hi Saleh,

It sounds like a good idea but it's a little difficult to get a full understanding of what you are trying to describe. I would recommend creating a prototype of your idea. It doesn't have to be in full working order but may go a long way to help others understand the system you are describing.