Controlling playback controls with Flash

 I have a question about controlling the playback controls of Articulate through Flash AS2   I have a link in my course that stops the presentation, but does not change the button to pause   When the user returns to the course they must click to pause (even though it is already paused), and then click to play   If I could change the button to show it is paused, that may solve my problem

I have a similar issue with a set of buttons   If I click on a buttons when the presentation is paused, the button plays as it should, but the playback controls in Articulate are not synced - the button shows paused and the seekbar is not moving  

If I use the buttons within the Flash swf while the presentation is playing everything works great

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


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David Burton


If you are following the Presenter SDK documentation or samples found here (http://www articulate com/products/presenter-sdk php), the playback and pause mechanism should be quite simple to implement The code below is an example of actionscript 2 that can be used in a swf file to pause and play the Presenter player

// For this reason we strongly encourage you to reference ArtAPI as _level0 ArtAPI
// This way you will always have access to the API object and you will not have to worry
// about the version flash that you are publishing under

var ArtAPI = _level0 ArtAPI;

buttonPause onPress = function() {
    ArtAPI Pause();

buttonPlay onPress = function() {
    ArtAPI Play();

where buttonPlay and buttonPause are the Flash movie/button instance names

When inserting the swf into the Presentation, it's important the following Flash Import property is set

Synchronization: Movie plays independently of slide

More on the above setting is outlined in the following link

http://www articulate com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=76

You can download the sample fla file here or the playPasue swf here

I hope this helps!