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Peter Anderson

Hi Mohan,

Since the SDK is not a supported product, we cannot offer advice on how to use it or answer any functionality questions beyond what is noted in the following documentation:

http://www articulate com/products/presenter-sdk php

To use the SDK, you need to have a strong knowledge of writing code for Flash You can do anything you want with the SDK within the limits of what the SDK exposes you to as a Flash developer It's really up to your imagination! 

The following link should give you a sense of what is possible with the SDK, including the ability to create Articulate Presenter Community Skins:

http://www articulate com/blog/announcing-articulate-presenter-community-skins/

We also have a dedicated Community forum where you can connect with other Presenter SDK users to share tips about developing content with the SDK:

http://community articulate com/forums/61 aspx 

You can also search the archives of our old Presenter SDK forum here:

http://www articulate com/forums/articulate-presenter-player-sdk/