Creating Parent-Child relationships for different versions of the same general curriculum but geared towards different audiences

Is there anyone else who needs this functionality for their LMS course development activities or is it just me??? Thanks

Parent/Children or Master Course Functionality

A parent or master course is a project which can be used as a template for other (children) projects. If you have “children” projects linked to a master or parent course, changes made to elements in the parent or master course will flow through and be applied to the relevant/respective linked “children” projects. Furthermore, changes can also be made to individual “children” projects that are based on the “parent” projects they are linked to, without having the changes affect the other children projects or master/parent project – changes will be isolated to the individual “child” project being worked on.  Some limitations to currently available “parent-child” course functionality include:

1)      In order to be released, “parent” courses must be converted to “child projects”.

2)      SCORM and navigation options cannot be created in “parent” courses – this must be done in the individual “child” courses”

3)      Any change in any text portion of a “parent” course will update in all linked “children” courses unless specific changes to “children” have been indicated.

4)      Any “resources” added to a “parent” course will be accessible in all “children” courses.

5)      Any theme change to the parent course will be reflected in all child courses.


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