Custom LMS Learning Path Branching

Hi Team!

We have an interesting need that thus far no one seems to have an answer how to solve. Is it possible to create custom branched learning paths in an LMS?

The issue we are finding is that LMS' seem to only offer linear course paths.
Here's what we are looking to accomplish:

What we are wanting to do is create a few customized education tracks for employees of the same position/job title and have them only view what they need to brush up on based on their performance on a placement exam.

For example:
- The test has 5 topics. 
- Each topic requires 85% or higher to pass.
- If a learner passes a topic, they will be exempt from having to watch the eLearnings and attend the associated lives classes.
- If a learner scores below 85% on any topic, we want them to be automatically enrolled in the respective eLearning courses and attend the associated live classes.

We are already using the HRIS feed to trigger new education based on position/job title changes for employees. However, we are now looking to have people with the same position/job title have custom learning paths so they only need to invest time getting up to speed on topics where they lack the baseline knowledge we are looking for them to have.

How might we be able to do this?
- Is there a third party application that can be integrated with the LMS to accomplish this?
- Is there some sort of custom coding that can do this?
- Can Storyline be used somehow to trigger enrollment in specific courses based on exam scores?
- What else might we consider to find a way to make this happen?

We are being tasked to "find a way to make it happen".
So, I will keep searching on my end and would appreciate any direction anyone may be able to offer to help solve this.

I am grateful for you taking the time to read this long post and engage in helping us.
Thanks in advance!

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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

It's really going to be down to your LMS :-/

Some LMSs have 'equivalences'. Two courses meet the same requirement. If your does you could enroll them in both and if they pass the eLearning it will satisfy the requirement. 

If your LMS uses xAPI you might be able to accomplish what you need with that... 

If your  LMS has an API you could probable do it that way. 

But it's really all dependent on your LMS :-/