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Hi all, a beginner's question.

I'll try to summarize what I think I need to know:

"what is the relationship between the overall project output size required (content area+header+footer) & the slide container size?"

Coming from a Flash designer background (Coursebuilder) I laid out the elements in the CustomFrame file as I have them laid out in Photoshop.

The overall size being 1020 x 737, the content area being 1020 x 621 and beginning under the header. My storyline screen size therefore is 1020 x 621.

However it seems to be stretching the header and footer (I've put them within 'background' movieclip) to make some random size 1040 x 715. the SlideContainer is to my size but the above header stretch means it seems to be in the wrong position.

**I have set the and PublishSettings.xml to have the new size**

What is it the files are looking for or wanting to set?

Thanks in advance!

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Steven Croft

Thanks Ashley!

To add to the above issue, I hard coded the positions for my nav buttons rather than the equations the .as uses as I only need a specific subset of buttons. So thats looking better. But then after publishing I noticed the div holding the story.swf in the story.html file had its width and height wrong again so it was cropping some height! odd?