Custom Template Causes issues in Powerpoint/Presenter


When we install custom articulate "shells" on occasion some of the menu items regarding the template gray out   For example, whether or not to publish a bio, or to show the course navigation or outline in the "player template" menu   Anyone know of a way to remedy this?  Your help would be much appreciated

I'm in PPT 2007 and using Presenter 09


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Nick Shelton

I'm following up to my own post as I've in some ways remedied the problem   Here was my issue

  • Someone else created a color scheme and set up a generic template directly in Articulate for our custom skin (I had never used Articulate before then)
  • Using that playerproperties xml file, I build the custom skin, which upon installation of the artpkg file, Articulate would disable some of the options in the "Player Template" menu within the Articulate ribbon in Powerpoint   Not a big deal, because we had the right setup there   BUT
  • When we then changed one of the settings in order to add/remove some functionality, such as not showing the volume slider and/or creating a launcher page, or disabling the controls from it; would cause Articulate not to publish correctly (it wouldn't add the left-hand nav as it was supposed to, amongst other things)

So, If I updated the "playerproperties xml" file for my skin, and installed the artpkg, I could publish perfectly  

If I installed an artpkg but changed any (even just 1) setting after installing the artpkg in the "player template" window, the presentation wouldn't publish correctly

Lesson learned, get your "player template" settings EXACTLY how you want before publishing a test course in which to use the playerproperties xml file for your custom skin, otherwise you might have to update the XML manually later   Updating the XML is easy, the figuring out what was going wrong is what took time  

Hope this helps somebody, someday