Customize Articulate message while installing a package!

Hello Guys,

Wonderful job by you so far after reading the threads it seems this is the right place to solve your issue

Well, I have created an Articulate package and all have gone well till then when I install any package a confirmation popup comes in: "Do you want to install <package name> version x"

Can I customize this message somehow ?????

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration!

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Nick Shelton

I would imagine that you could, but my guess would be that it is an Articulate file change that you'd need to update in an XML or bin file   When you install Articulate and the other Articulate software, artkpg files are then associated with the program, thus the message is coming from the software in some way   You'd either have to go digging, or a software developer would likely have to chime in to point you to the appropriate file location

My guess, developer to developer, is that this update isn't for you, as I'm sure you don't mind the default messaging   Updating a bin or XML file would do nothing for the recipient party when they try and install your artpkg on their system, plus any updates would likely overwrite anyway

Hope this helps!