Determine if Quiz has been completed


I am developing a custom skin At the end of each slide (like articulate) I want to make a button flash

Currently I have determined if a flash page has been played fully e g all the animations have completed this works fine I am using something similar to the below which is checked every second

This compares the current slide time to the total slide time:

var results:Object =  ArtAPI GetSlideInfo(ArtAPI GetCurrentSlide());

var slideCurTime:Number = ArtAPI GetCurrentSlideTime();

if(slideCurTime >= results nSlideTime){

    trace('flash page is complete')


This works perfectly and when a flash page is complete my button flashes

I need to perform the same on quizes, so when the user is on the final page of the assessment i can call a custom function to allow the next button to flash

Is there an easy way to do this? Any help would be much appreciated



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