Determine if slide is custom flash or powerpoint generated

Hey guys,

Trying to get my head around this one

Let say we have a powerpoint: on page 1 we have some standard powerpoint animations page 2 lets say we have inserted a custom piece of flash

From a custom skin once the module is published, is there any way that we can determine if the slide is powerpoint (converted to flash) or if it is a custom inserted piece of flash The goal is to make my skin have an extra button / different colour on screens which feature highly interactive flash

As always any help is greatly received


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Karl Krammer

Hi Alan,

If you are OK with naming your "special" slides in a specific way (eg "Slide5_interactive swf"), you could then do the following to get the file name and branch accordingly, if it contains "_interactive":

// Set the root variable to access the API
var ArtAPI = _level0 ArtAPI;

// create a variable that stores the current slide number
var curSlide = ArtAPI GetCurrentSlide();

// now use the slide number (curSlide) to retrieve the current side variables and store this in an array called oSlideInfo
var oSlideInfo = ArtAPI GetSlideInfo(curSlide);

// extract the slide file name from the oSlideInfo array
var mySlideName = oSlideInfo['strFileName'];

I came up with this as a variation of the following:

http://www articulate com/forums/articulate-presenter-player-sdk/18873-_currentframe-_totalframes-properties-current-slide html

But I don't know where you would have to hook to get an "OnLoad" event or the like

Actually, this is exactly my question - can you help me on here?

http://community articulate com/forums/t/4235 aspx

I don't want a full custom skin - or only one which looks exactly like the standard player

Thank you,



Alan Bourne

Hi Guys, thanks for both of your posts, both very helpful!

Karls soloution would have been the simplest, however due to the fact the flash has already been created and published out  this is not really an option for me as my update to the player is for a variety of courses  

I think I am going to have to go with Phils solution I think if I can check the XML based on the current page, I should be able to see if it contains an additional swf therefore determining that there has been a custom flash file inserted

Thanks once again for all of your advice, if you think of any further ideas it would be greatly appreciated, nevertheless I will continue down the XML route