External and internal Links not working in Chrome.

I've a course developed in Storyline 1 which consists of 7 chapters, each with 10 quizzes and one "More info" page which contains the answers, should the learner need help. It is hosted on TalentLMS.com. The 'More info' pages often contain clickable links to external web pages or images held within Storyline. Apart from the content, the layout of each chapter is the same, however, in one of the chapters, the links in the 'More info' page don't work if I use Chrome (there's no problem in Firefox). Strangely it only occurs in one chapter which leads me to believe that the problem is not with the LMS. Is there a 'setting' that I've accidently changed in this one chapter?

Any ideas? I'm baffled!


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chris Allen

Hi James

Although your analysis was incorrect , it did lead me to the solution! On exploring the links I realised that the trigger objects were layered 'at the back', which Firefox didn't seem to worry about but Chrome did. I've brought them all to the front and it now works in both browsers. Thanks!