Few Queries on Articulate Storyline and Rise


It would be awesome if you guys can answer the following queries which I have.

1. I have been using Rise and wanted to know if I can track the course using multiple options on Rise : Course completion, quiz result and storyline blocks.

2. We are building Web Application and this query pertains to the interaction between Web Application and Articulate. When a certain topic is being viewed through articulate on the Web Application, and I want to display FAQs pertaining to that topic with the help of my Web Application. Will articulate be able to communicate with the Web Application in real time?

3. In general, how is the interaction of Articulate courses with Web Application ? I am worried that it might become difficult for me to integrate other features built on my Web Application with articulate. 

I have been trying to find answers for these queries for quite a bit now. It would really mean a lot if you guys can clarify these doubts.








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