Getting Storyline SCORM data

I'm in a bit of quandary and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction Our LMS isn't really an LMS, it's just a big task scheduler No SCORM functionality at all Replacing this is not an option All this does is provide links to our elearning courses which reside on a validated system Our elearnings have to reside on a validated system because of Gov Regs I am trying to find something that we can use to gather the SCORM data generated when someone takes a course and have that data stuck/passed into some type of spread sheet (excel wouldn't be bad) We want to be able to analyze our courses and improve them based on the data Does anyone know of anything out there that can do this?

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Manpreet Phull


Do you use captivate? If so there is a widget that you can buy from CPGURU which collects all the quiz data and sends via email

The email is non html Other open might be to install open source LMS such as Dokeos or Efront

If none of the above is any good then perhaps try Google drive I read on one of the main forum posts that you can integrate your quiz etc with Google drive That may give you some functionality that you are looking for