Help - Complete Newbie


I've never really done anything with API's before.  I can make sense of an HTML page and I know enough Visual Basic in Excel to be dangerous.

Is there a place where one can get started learning how to use the Articulate API?  I know it's not officially supported by Articulate.  I'm interested in seeing what this can do, but I'm not finding many resources. 

I found this link, but all of the links were broken:

I can't code from scratch... but I'm usually able to figure out what's going on in a code and tweak it to what I need.  Is it reasonable to think I might be able to figure something out? 

Our company has a single sign on system... it would be great to integrate that with AO.  Additionally, it would be awesome if I could use the API to automate permissions.

Thanks in advance for your help and/or feedback!

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