Hide or lock the navigation panel in runtime and vice-versa

Is it possible with the Developer SDK to somehow hide/reveal and lock/unlock the navigation panel in runtime? For example, the panel will be unlocked and revealed only after 10 seconds into a slide, or after the user clicks on a button made in Flash If it is possible, could you point out where for me to begin?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Stefan G.

Hey Paul

Yes it's possible you might code a swf to do these, then pop the swf into the presenter panel or develope your own skin which change the status of:

_level44 mcToolbar mcPlayControls _visible = false;  // true

Take a look at the great job of James, he shows some "secrets of articulate sdk" with example and source files i think it might help u

http://community articulate com/forums/t/3905 aspx

Good luck