How can a Rise 360 SCORM package communicate with a custom LMS without editing the code?

I saw a post here which says that two lines need to be added to the index.html file:

I actually tried this solution and it worked! Prior to this the SCORM package would not communicate with the JavaScript LMS.

I have quoted the solution below, but isn't there a proper way to do this which does not require adding these two lines? 

What I found that works is deploying both scormcontent and scormdriver folders and adding these script tags to the scormcontent index.html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../scormdriver/scormdriver.js"></script>
Then adding window.Start(); in a new <script> tag before the body <script> is loaded, to initiate the Scorm API discovery. However this was by trial & error rather than by following any official approach, so would be good to get it confirmed whether that's fine or another approach is recommended.

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