How do i use Tin Can API without LMS support for Tin Can API?

Our orginisation is using blackboard on cloud as our LMS and Learning Locker on cloud as LRS. Tin Can API support is not incorporated into our LMS.
We have learning objects in our LMS which are created using storyline 360.

My question is:
1) Since Tin Can API support is not incorporated into our LMS, is there a way to add Tin Can API features into our storyline 360 so the learning experience is record into the LRS? If so, how do we go about doing it?

2) If Tin Can API is incorporated into our LMS, we just have to publish our storyline 360 using Tin Can API as and LMS entry, and the learning experience will be recorded into LRS automatically? Do we still need to to anything else to record into the LRS?

3) How easy is it to incorporate Tin Can Api into blackboard? Does storyline 360 Tin Can API have any known issues with blackboard LMS on cloud?

Thank you!


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