html5 click events

While looking through the HTML5 file for one of my projects, I noticed the anchor tag for navigating between slides do not have an onclick attribute   I searched through the various javascript files to see if I could discover if an onclick event was added to the anchors during script execution, but I did not find what I wanted When and where is the code applied to tell the anchors what to do?

Here is the snippet of code from the presentation_html5 html file to which I am referring:

<div id="control-next" class="controlbar-button right"><div class="label next">NEXT</div><a class="icon next-slide"></a></div>
 <div id="control-previous" class="controlbar-button right"><a class="icon previous-slide"></a><div class="label prev">PREV</div></div>

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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hi Bryan,

It a lot more complex than that :-/

If you pull up the complied JS code (storyline_compiled js or player_compiled js) you can search through it for "control-next" You will find several references to it Primarily it is being stuffed into a couple of other objects via jquery  

If you are looking to take some action when it's click you could add a new listener of perhaps track down and alter this one: "next_pressed"