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Mark Ramsey

You've run into the same thing I have, Sergey. I built a custom frame.swf out of the SDK 1.0, and now need to update it to SDK 2.0 to make it compatible with our newer Storyline 2.0 files. Simple classes are in place, but many if not all components are missing. If I can attach  a new SWF to the frame.swf at runtime, I might be able to leverage my old code. I just wish they could have warned us.

Gerry Palmer

Hello all, the custom frame included in the SDK was intended to be a guideline to be used when building your own custom frame. We implemented many of the features included in the factory frame shipped with Storyline to demonstrate how to implement the frame interfaces. As noted in the documentation, there are some features missing from the custom frame, however the framework and interfaces are there to allow you to build your own.


Sergey Suslov

Hi Theodore, thank you for reply.

Is there some examples or explanations how to implement the "notes" component? 

It's sad that these components are missing, because people need just to change visual look of a player, but keep original functional. So every Articulate user who want custom player skin, need to make programming job that you are already done. And it's not easy job.