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John Doe

I'm not an expert by any means, but yes, it's possible  You can create a flash overlay that covers that part of the default player with something that looks the way you want it to  You can put your own controls on your overlay as well  

There's some voodoo that others here seem pretty comfortable with but that I'm only barely starting to understand that allows you to target the player's internal features with you own controls  For example, you can open the Closed Captioning / Notes panel with this command:

 _level58 mcNotes gotoAndPlay("activate"); 

I'm sure there are others like this for the Attachments panel as well but I'm still not sure what it is and I have no idea how these wizards figure it out   These _level44 and _level58 objects are pretty mysterious to me still and there doesn't seem to be much documentation on them  

In any case, all I can tell you is that after a few weeks of poking around in these forums, last week I started trying to replace the bottom bar of the player with something that had better controls and a bigger branding area  It took me a few days and now I have pretty much everything but the seek bar working, so it's definitely possible  Just dig in and work through the pain  

Sorry, at this point all I can really offer is confirmation that it's possible along with a little encouragement