Moodle Partners

Does anyone using Moodle have experience working with any of the Moodle Partners (such as Moodle Rooms) for hosting/support?

I'm interested in Moodle because of the cost savings, but we need to do some amount of data integration with our SQL database, so I do think we may need more than just the open source software. Any experiences/advice you can share?

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Traci P

In the past, I've worked with Remote Learner because they were the company chosen by the company I worked for. They had pretty good customer service, but might be pricey since they are an official partner.

I also just finished installing Moodle for a non-profit I'm interning for, and they chose to go with GoDaddy. Since they chose to go with a shared server, due to cost, the mysql database is outdated and we could only install version 1.9. Although it worked out in the end (and they have great customer service) I wouldn't highly reccomend them.