name on Course Completion certificate

I have a query regarding the Course Completion certificate  I have an e-learning couse developed in Articulate'09 When they complete the course I need the name of the person who pass the final assessment on the certificate and can print the certificate  Please can you let me know if there is anything I can do to sort this out

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Deborah Adkisn


I've successfully used your  personalized certificate option before, but its been a long time and I need a bit of a refresher on renaming the file I've published my quiz locally from QM09, changed teh QM3 to zip, extracted, added quizimages folder and replaced the report html file

At this point, what do I rename the package extension to be able to insert into AP and publich to AO?


Brian Batt

Hi Deborah,

You'll need to publish the quiz to your presentation & then manually publish the file to AO  After that, you'll unzip the ap6 file, make the changes to the quiz, rename it to ap6, and then upload to AO

I think you're confusing steps by publishing directly from Quizmaker and then making the changes  Rather, you need to publish your quiz to your presentation and then publish manually to AO  Does that make sense?

Brian Batt

Hi Deborah,

First, you need to click the Articulate menu & enable publishing for manual upload to AO (the big letter a in the upper left):

Then, in the publish window, choose the "Publish Locally" option:

Then, click the Open Folder button when publishing is done  Rename the qm3 file to zip  Extract the contents  Make the changes  Rezip the files and then rename the file from zip to qm3  Does that help?