Newbie Alert! Point Me In The Right Direction?

Hello everyone, "baby" designer here with a cool infographic on the 10 Essential Selling Skills for 2014 and want to turn it into an e-learning module from scratch but am overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

If someone can just point me in the right direction and tell me which e-learning design strategy best lends itself to a "top ten" list, then I can take it from there and figure out how to do it. For example, drag & drop, scenario building, a combination of strategies, etc.,? I just don't want to get started down a path and realize that it doesn't really work for a "top ten" list situation.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much,


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Bruce Graham

Travis Wickesberg said:

What's the purpose of turning it into a e-learning module?

Travis has a good point.

If it is already a "cool infographic", why not just leave it as it is?

Perhaps you could then just use "eLearning" tools to create a scenario-based Quiz, and see whether they can actually apply the fundamentals in realistic situations?

Sergey Snegirev

I agree with Bruce.It be cool to assign a challenge/scenario to each point on the infographic to better illustrate them and let learners apply the ideas in realistic situations.

Also, speaking of instructional design choices, you can either choose to make the course linear (walk through points 1 to 10) or make it open, so learners can explore the points in whatever order they want, starting and returning to the first landing page of the course.

Kim Lane

Thanks Travis, Bruce & Sergey for weighing in. I'm a pre-employed sales/soft skills trainer who is quickly figuring out that if I want to keep eating, I better start getting good at creating e-learning. So, my actual goal here is to get the experience and build a portfolio. I just grabbed some good content as a way to get started. Otherwise, you are correct that if I was using it in a real training situation, I would probably just leave it as is.

Bruce & Sergey, thank you so much for the challenge/scenario/quiz suggestion. I think that is exactly what I want to do and then leave it open so learners can go back and forth when they need reminders/reinforcement.

Now that I feel confident that this is the way to go, I can start working in that direction using all the tutorials and challenges that are available. Stay tuned...I may be back for more great advice.


Adele Sommers

@James, were you thinking of David's Weekly Challenge #12 by any chance? If so, the recap that contains links to everyone's contributions is toward the bottom of Challenge #13, where it says "Last Week's Challenge."

Best of luck with your project, Kimberly!