Next frame and previous frame swf - Presenter studio 13

Hi, I appreciate the response

I am new to using as3 and would like to know from the SDK, what code should I assign to a button in flash to let me go to the next or previous slide from a movie swf inserted into a slide in ariculate presenter studio 13?

Where I can find an example applied?

I appreciate your guidance

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fon alejandro

Hi James,I do not use skins presenter for navigation between slides, I handle the navigation from flash files (Swf object)  because it requires me to show the next button only when you have clicked on several sequences within the swf and design requires me to add some animations character made ​​in flash

We drove in AS2 commands defined in the sdk, however newer versions of Flash do not work these commands, accepting only AS3 In the studio 13 SDK I see it is possible to perform these operations with AS3, but I fail to identify how to implement "go to the NEXT slide" or "go to the previous slide" from a button in flash I appreciate your attention and guidance