Payment processing via PayPal for courses


My organization is using Articulate Online as an interim solution as our LMS in Aptify is in development.  We charge a fee for our courses currently using a third party vendor to supply the online course material and process payments via our PayPal account. 

We do have developers outsourced and I want to provide them with the correct documentation to build this. 

The work flow scenario -

User logs in to our website - E-Learning section - courses listed with short descriptions and fees

- Course Titles link to PayPal portal OR we build the payment portal in Drupal to host on our website.

- User selects course
- Enters CC information to pay for a course
- PayPal processes the payment
- Payment is accepted and confirm sent to user
- User is directed to the Articulate Online site hosting the e-learning course
- We need the user to then go directly to the course or is log in to their account required?

- If they have not created an account they will have to do this

Scenario 2
- The page on our website has a link to take the user to AO

- The user log ins or creates a new account if required
- User selects a course
- We send the user to PayPal from AO
- User enters payment information
payment is processed
- User receives confirm from PayPal
- User cycles back to the course selected after payment

Are either of these scenarios possible within API and if not how has anyone collected payment for a course in the past?

Thank you

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