Problem using display modes

Hi everyone !

I have a weird situation here

I am developping a custom skin, and when I launch the presentation, the player should be in display mode 1 ( with the sidebar ), I checked in presentation xml, I can see display mode : 1 so I'm sure that is how it's published

But the thing is that I am actually seeing the sidebar, but the slide is not correctly placed

Indeed, the slide is in center position, as if the player was in no sideBar mode

I guess it must be some kind of conflict between the two modes

Anyone has ever had this problem ?



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Maxence Cornu

I'm affraid I cannot post a screenshot I'm not allowed sorry :s

And I'm not sure I understand your second question, what do you mean by "under Slide Properties in the presentation itself" ?

I just see clearly that in the xml this slide should be in mode 1, which is the mode with sidebar

Anyway the sidebar ( with the logo and all) is showing

only the slidegroup is still at th center

Maxence Cornu

I have made more tests, and thats not my code that changed the displayMode

During half a sec, the mode is the no sidebar mode (default mode I guess), and then it changes to match the mode specified in the Xml for the slide After that, the getDisplayMode sends the correct mode, but the slidegroup is still not at the correct position

I hope someone can help me with that