PT Freelance Articulate Storyline Designer

Hey eLearning heroes!

I work in the Training Department at Chipotle and we're looking for a freelance Articulate Storyline designer. We're overloaded with creating incredibly interactive eLearning awesomeness and need someone who can take a storyboard and our design specs and build it into a fully functioning .story file. You can work from home and it's project based.

For your own happiness, you MUST:

  • Be able to deliver on very tight timelines- we're not insane, but we do work at lightning speed
  • Be an Articulate Storyline guru -Not just intermediate skills - we use TONS of triggers and custom variables
  • Have an incredible eye for design and layout- Our courses aren't cookie cutter courses. We'll provide the storyboard, image assets, and design specs, but there will be tons of layout decisions throughout
  • Be incredibly independent -we'll provide the vision, storyboard, and assets - but you've got to be a kick ass eLearning designer and a creative problem solver

If you're interested in this, please send your portfolio via either PM or If you've got questions, send those, too. I've got answers!

Keepin' the joy,


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